Thursday, January 03, 2013 by Lee Mannering

FSMA update: Progress report issued, news story questions implementation

Late last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued its quarterly progress report on Food Safety Modernization Act implementation. In short, the update highlighted the following items:

  • Global food safety remarks given by FDA’s Mike Taylor at a Shanghai, China conference (more details)
  • Suspension of Sunland Inc.’s food facility registration (more details)
  • Updated guidance and Q&As for food facility registration (more details)
  • FDA’s partnership with New Zealand

Tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the Food Safety Modernization Act being signed into law, and as you know, several proposed rules our industry has been expecting have been under review for more than a year. Just before the December holidays, a USA Today article speculated that a reason for the delays is that “FDA has been the victim of a push in Washington to rein in spending and some Republicans in Congress who have questioned the necessity and cost of the regulations.”

The same article also offered some insight into the status of the proposed produce safety regulation. “The produce rule, for example, has been besieged with criticism that it was poorly written, and an insufficient job was done analyzing the costs and benefits for producers. All this has caused the rule to swell in excess of 700 pages, likely contributing to its subsequent delay, according to those who follow the food safety legislation,” the article stated. You can read the full story here.

Despite these delays and its causes, here at PMA we continue to monitor FSMA-related news and developments very closely. We’ll keep you informed on updates and the regulatory process via a number of channels, including this blog, our FSMA Community on PMA Xchange, our FSMA resource center, and through social media.

And one final note on FSMA: the food facility registration renewal system is open until the end of this month. You can learn more about this in the What’s New tab of our FSMA resource center.

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