Wednesday, June 11, 2014 by Kathy Means

Fresh, free consumer produce safety tools available

The Partnership for Food Safety Education (PFSE), which PMA supports, has introduced ProducePro, a new campaign to help consumers safely prepare and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables with simple home safety practices. PMA members can use these free tools in their own consumer outreach.

ProducePro delivers tools for retailers and health educators to teach consumers about safe produce handling at home. The program offers evidence-based, actionable “6 Smart ProducePro Practices”:

  1. Check fresh produce for signs of bruising or damage.
  2. Clean hands, surfaces and utensils.
  3. Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables under running tap water.
  4. Separate produce from raw meat, seafood, poultry, eggs and household chemicals.
  5. Chill cut fresh produce within two hours.
  6. Throw away bruised, damaged or potentially cross-contaminated produce.

Consumers are the last line of defense in preventing foodborne illness. With this program, retailers and BAC Fighters (health and food safety educators) can help people make smart choices when handling fresh fruits and vegetables. Retailers can access graphics and digital assets, signage and posters, produce bags, recipe cards, social media content and circular content for in-store and external consumer communications. BAC Fighters can download graphics and digital assets, brochures, talking points, PowerPoint presentations, and tips to help explain safe handling practices to consumers.

The PFSE worked with Ellie Krieger, registered dietitian and TV personality to help launch ProducePro. She said: “Food safety is integral to cooking and eating well. It doesn’t have to involve a scary conversation—it’s simply about forming good basic habits for healthfully preparing and enjoying more produce.”

These free ProducePro resources from PFSE are possible because of a generous donation from the Food Marketing Institute Foundation and additional support from PMA. Thanks, FMI! Check out the tools and use them in your own consumer outreach.

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2 Responses to “Fresh, free consumer produce safety tools available”

  1. Shelley Feist Says:

    The Partnership for Food Safety Education appreciates the support of PMA for the new ProducePro home safe food handling material for consumers!

    A panel of scientific experts reviewed all messaging, and ProducePro was reviewed by a group of experienced food safety educators. You can feel confident that this information is based in science, and actionable on the part of consumers.

    We appreciate the engagement of the produce industry in helping to educate consumers about simple practices that can help them reduce risk of foodborne illness. Thank you!

    Shelley Feist, Executive Director
    Partnership for Food Safety Education

  2. Kathy Means Says:

    Thanks, Shelley. We’re pleased to support the Partnership and its excellent work educating consumers about safe food/produce handling!

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